she alone...

June 18, 2010
she sits alone,
a wall of stone.
she turns away,
she is afraid.
don't get too close,
the anger's at a lethal dose

she sits alone,
no one to care.
a crowded room, yet,
they don't know she's there.

her mother claims,
she did not know.
the man she loved caused only pain
to the little girl
but still she would not go.

the anger is so deep inside.
fighting to be let out,
i'm afraid of what i might do
in a crowded room,
yes, all alone,

she cannot weep,
nor can she cry.
don't ask; there is no answer to why
yes, you know her,
know her well.

she sits beside you

she is me.

copyright©1996 by angel graham with all rights reserved


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