Welcome to the Healing Journey.

June 11, 2010
A warm welcome to The Healing Journey, where I hope you find information and a sense of belonging and security. A place to feel safe to read information in regards to Incest, Child Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence and much more.  This is a place where you are not judged on your past or your present. Healing Journey is a place where people of all races, ethnicity, sexual orientation and much more are welcome and encouraged to return.

Welcome to my site, where you will learn much about incest and it's effects on the life of the survivor. You will also find ways to cope with the healing process. Please be aware, that this site may be triggering to some, and exercise caution when entering. Navigation is found at the top of each page.   I hope this makes it easy to find the pages that you are seeking.

Healing Journey

September 27, 2009
This is where we begin the Journey toward Healing. It's much easier to do, when you are not alone.
Come join me as we take this road together. It will be hard, but it will be worth it.

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angel I am not responsible for the content that you will find on other sites that are linked to mine. If they are here, it's because I feel they provide needed information. Exercise your own judgement on whether to stay at any site or not. Please come back soon.


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