Chronic Pain Information

July 4, 2010

Chronic Pain Information

This page will be dealing with Chronic Pain....and links to some good websites already out there.....I will be adding to this page as I find links...and information that I feel may be useful to those who are looking to find a way to deal with Chronic Pain....

   The Invisible Disabilities Advocate

My Chronic Illness

Angel Eye's Chronic Pain Links

Chronic Pain Links

American Academy of Pain Management

Rest Ministries


Self-Help Treatment




Dedication of page regarding Chronic Pain

September 28, 2009
This page will be slowly growing. It is done as a tribute to a former partner (Bobbi) who died 10 years ago and struggled with Chronic Pain daily. She wanted to do something like this, but died before she could, so I do it in honor of her.

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Information on

I will add information and links as I find them. I want to find quality information to post.


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